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How to Pick a Roofing Contractor, Part 1

There are lots of great roofers in Albuquerque, but it's important to pick a company that's designed with your best interests in mind. This blog series will cover some of the factors that will help you to identify a top quality roofer for your project. Let's start with the basics of a good roofing company:


  • Licensed contractors have received education and training on the proper and legal processes of their trade. They have passed an exam and screening process that verifies such knowledge and experience.

  • They follow a specific, systematic, code-compliant approach to their projects.

TPC Roofing holds a New Mexico GS-21 Roofing license as well as an EE-98 Electrical Residential and Commercial license.


  • A bonded roofer is less likely to default on a contract because they must pay a surety for any losses if they can't execute the contract.

Our company is bonded with the Construction Industries Division through the Merchants Bonding Company.


  • Commercial General Liability Insurance not only protects the company, but it also protects you, your home and your family for bodily injury and property damage claims.

  • Taking good care of employees is an important responsibility of a reputable roofing contractor. Workers Compensation Insurance provides medical and wage benefits for staff who become ill or are injured at work.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance protects vehicles, equipment and their occupants.

TPC Roofing is properly insured for both residential and commercial roofing projects, with coverage in all of the aforementioned areas.

Confirming that your roof installer meets these business basics helps to ensure that you're on the right track to choosing a great company for your project.


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