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Flat Roof Replacement: Telltale Signs that it's Time

It’s easy to forget about your roof...until we have a surprise downpour and water streams from your ceiling onto your brand new TV. But you don't have to wait until it's too late to assess the state of your roof. There are often telltale signs that your flat roof needs to be replaced.


The average lifespan of a good quality tar and gravel or rolled asphalt flat roof is generally about 10 years. It can be even less when exposed to extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuation like we have here in New Mexico. When your roof has reached its expiration, it’s time to consider roof replacement in favor of repair - chasing costly repairs can really add up. With a new TPO membrane roof, you can expand the life expectancy of your roof to an average of 22 - 30 years!


One of the key weaknesses of flat roofs is water pooling. This ponding becomes a problem when pooled water remains for more than 48 hours. Not only can this shorten the lifespan of your roof; in extreme cases, it can even cause damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Simply replacing your roof won’t always solve this problem. One of the solutions that TPC Roofing provides is to build a gradual slope into the flat roof using polyisocyanurate insulation, or "polyiso". Polyiso is durable but lightweight rigid foam that allows us to build structure and slope to facilitate proper drainage. An added advantage is that polyiso better insulates your roof.


Blistering, bubbling, tears, holes, cracks, or splits are bold indications that your roof is in trouble. While these telltale signs are easier to spot on membrane or asphalt roofs, they can be harder to find on tar and gravel roofs. Even experienced contractors may only have minimal success at locating and repairing roof leaks on these challenging roof types. So if your roof is composed of a material that camouflages damage, or there is visible damage in multiple areas, it may be time to re-roof.

As a trusted local contractor, we are here to help. TPC Roofing is experienced with Albuquerque's flat roofs, and we provide free inspections and estimates. Give us a call today - and safeguard that new TV against water damage.


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